Instant Self-Esteem! Cheap, portable and fun!

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One of my all-time favorite websites Funny Facts About. Why I like it is because it never fails to make me chuckle when I’m feeling bummed and make me feel like the world’s biggest badass when lupus has me flat on my back.

I mean, who wouldn’t feel instantly cooler reading facts about themselves such as:

“When Ro calls 1-900 numbers, she doesnt get charged. She holds up the phone and money falls out.”

“The Bible was originally titled “Ro and Friends””

“When Ro does a pushup, she isn’t lifting herself up, she’s pushing the Earth down.”

“Ro can split the atom. With her bare hands.”

Yes, all the “facts” are goofy and over-the-top, but that’s what is so great about them- reading these (and you can put your own name in or the name of just about anything else) puts you in the class of comic book superheros and action movie stars. And some of the facts are just so gross that you can’t help but double over laughing.

So when you’re feeling like the Inflammatory Wet Blanket of Doom, I definitely suggest playing with this site for a while. Money-back guarantee if you don’t feel at least 30% cooler after 5 minutes. Then again, it is free to use.

Feel free to post your favorite fact in the comments below!

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