Lupie Quick Tip : Keep this in Your Fridge

Lupie Quick Tip : Keep this in Your Fridge

One thing I always try to keep in my fridge is Gatorade or some other kind of sports drink. For me, it works faster at re-hydrating my system than water.

The medications often used to treat lupus dehydrate the body. If you have lupus nephritis as well, your body can be even more dehydrated than you realize. During the hot months, being dehydrated can contribute to your risk of heat exhaustion. In general, it can contribute to headaches, fatigue and other not-so-fun problems.

When I was undergoing cytoxan therapy Gatorade was my first line of defense for mornings when I woke up especially sick – more than once I had to send my poor housemates across the street to the supermarket to grab a bottle if I had run out. It also came in handy for one of them, when during one particularly hot summer a stomach virus lead to dehydration so severe that her whole body started cramping up.

So, try keeping a bottle of Gatorade (or any other kind of sports drink) in your fridge, especially during the summer. If you tend towards dehydration or have kidney problems, a little sip now and then can be a good pick-me-up. Of course, don’t ditch your water – water is what your body is going to need in the long run.

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