Lupie Quick Tip – Drink Up in the Winter

This is a picture of a spilled water bottle.

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I’ve had several doctors tell me that the medications I take for my lupus along with my kidney damage cause a chronic level of dehydration in my body. I find that, it gets worse in the winter, when the air is generally drier, the heaters go on and I tend to sweat at night.

If you also have chronic dehydration (ask your doc) a lot of bodily mishaps might be avoided by simply avoiding extra dehydration. Along with other steps such as using a humidifier, a simple trick is to just take a bottle of water to bed with you. It’s a great quick boost if you wake up in the morning with a mild headache or dry throat. A quick slug of water (or Gatorade) in the morning might also help head off and dehydration fumbles before they hit.

So drink up!

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