Guest Posts Wanted!

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As much as I love running this website and sharing my stash of lupus tips and tricks, this website is a labor of love and takes time to maintain. So, to fully focus on some of my other projects, I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from posting and open up the floor to guest posters.

What I’m looking for: If you’ve been following the site, then you have a good idea. I like sensible and practical tips for living a better life with chronic illness. Though lupus patients are preferred, tips from other chronic sufferers are welcome as well. Food, travel, family, friends, work, motivation, beauty….lupus hits every facet of life, so tips in any area are needed. Humor is a huge plus as is an upbeat, kick-ass attitude (I’m not big on moping). Book and product reviews are good too, but any books or products must be health-related. Previously published posts are okay, but preference will be given to original posts.

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What to avoid: Posts that promote specific products or any “miracle” diet plans. Basically, if it sounds like a sales pitch to me, it’s getting deleted. If you want to debate a certain diet or product then the arguments must be balanced with equal space and sources given for and against. No poetry or fiction.

How long: Any length.

How to contribute: Send the post and at least one photo (public domain or creative commons) to me at ApocalypseGrrl (at), along with a short (150 words or less) bio and a website link to plug. If I want any changes made, I’ll notify you via email.

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