Lupie Quick Tip: Pass on the Salt, Please

Salt farmers harvesting salt, Pak Thale, Ban L...

Don't put a mound of salt on your food. Image via Wikipedia

One of the most common areas for lupus to attack is the kidneys. In fact, according to the Lupus Foundation of America, one third of lupus patients will have kidney problems serious enough to require treatment. Since the kidneys play a crucial role in eliminating excess and waste from the body, the more damage your kidney suffers, the more care is needed with what you put in your body.

Whether you already have kidney damage from lupus or just have a warning from your doctor, limiting your salt intake is one of the most immediate and easiest ways to start protecting your kidney function.

One thing I’ve done to cut down on my salt intake is to stop seasoning water with salt when cooking rice or noodles. Instead, I add a small pinch or two at the very end to add flavor. I’ve never noticed any difference in cooking time or flavor by adding the salt last. Try thinking of salt the same way you would pepper, hot sauce of other spices – as a light garnish to accent your food.

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