Guest Post: Lupus Questions and Answers

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When you have the condition where your body’s immune system attacks your organs and tissues, the inflammatory disease called Lupus is unfortunately the diagnosis. Lupus impacts many body systems including organs as well as blood cells, but common areas are the kidneys and the blood.

Symptoms of the disease Lupus mimic other conditions, thus it is difficult at first to observe in women or men, but the distinctive facial rash, some contend looking like the shape of a butterfly spreading it’s wings wide is probably the most “official” sign of the disease in question, in both men and women. This rash can last for a very short time, or remain for months. Each individual is symptomatic in different  ways, and responds to treatment at different paces and degrees.

Gender differences have been researched revealing lupus is four times higher in likelihood in women of African-American descent than in men; however, the disease is manifested more seriously in men than in women. While women generally have rashes and joint pain to deal with, men tend to have kidney problems and seizure episodes, as well as psychosis in advanced cases.

Natural treatment of Lupus might include:

  • Getting enough exercise as well as rest
  • Physical therapy for weakness in muscles and pain in joints
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Taking mild anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen

Prevention of Lupus might include:

  • Avoiding stress-causing people, places and activities; careful consideration of workplace environment
  • Avoiding ultra-violet light

Though Lupus, under the research and study of the Lupus Foundation of American, Inc. is genetic and some people are predisposed to the disease, simple common sense practice can prevent “flares” or intense symptoms of the disease:

  • Eating healthily
  • Taking prescribed medicine and keeping doctor appointments
  • Avoiding infection by keeping pets up to date on their shots, and not remaining for long around people with viral infections, as their immune system is taxed and infection is easily more a risk.

Lupus is a disease that, while still being researched by many organizations, has several unknown properties that are necessary to decode in order to create or discover a cure. The disease can remain at bay with responsible medication maintenance and consistent contact with a doctor who is an expert of well-experienced in the treatment of Lupus.

Success in uncovering a cure will depend heavily on constant research, patient feedback and treatment results, as well as general acknowledgement of the condition and support at those afflicted.

This is a guest article by Enrico Fortie. He is a nutrition pro and blogger. He blogs about the Mediterranean diet at

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