May is Lupus Awareness Month – How are you spreading the word?

Small White butterfly (Pieris rapae)

Small White butterfly (Pieris rapae) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Butterflies are one of the symbols of lupus, so chosen for the butterfly rash that some patients get.


May is the month for warm(er) weather, flowers – and lupus awareness. If you’ve just been diagnosed, then it’s a great time to check out a few events, meet others with lupus and see what resources and information are available to you. Already a pro on the lupus circuit? Stay on the cutting edge of lupus treatments and research. And, of course, this month is a great time to help your friends and family get the facts about lupus and its treatment.


Here are just a few of the events going on this month. Keep in mind, that most of these are located in the NYC area; for local events in your area, try checking your local Lupus Foundation of America Chapter. If you don’t have a lupus group in your area, organizations that support people with arthritis or other joint-related chronic illnesses might also include lupus events in their calendars.

Lupus Month Events

Check out the World Lupus Day website.

May 10 is World Lupus Day, with tons of events happening all over the country. The World Lupus Day website will help link you up with Lupus Day events in your area. It also offers printable fliers, a downloadable logo, media logo and e-cards to help spread the word.


The SLE Lupus Foundation is encouraging people to wear the color purple in support of lupus patients on May 18. Their website gives you an easy-to-use downloadable kit to promote Put On Purple Day right in your area. If lupus resources are scarce where you live, this is a great way to take the initiative and organize an event yourself.

Also check out what their local chapters have planned through their website. If you’re in the NYC area, you won’t want to miss the closing bell on May 10th – representatives from the SLE Lupus Foundation will be ringing out the NY Stock Exchange that day.

The Lupus Foundation of America has a slew of activities all over the country in May, such as a World Lupus Day Symposium and a golf outing. Their full list is on their website.

Of course, you can also Google “lupus events may 2012” for even more happenings. Do you have any special plans for Lupus Awareness Month?





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