Summer Crafts for Lupies

Summer can take a toll on lupus patients. Between high humidity, heat and a lots of sunlight, it can be easy to just want to curl up next to your air conditioner and pray for winter. But summers don’t have to be a total wash. I rounded up some fun, crafty ideas to make or upgrade your lupie summer gear.

Summer Essential #1 : Sun Umbrella

Yellow beach umbrella in the summer sun.

Yellow beach umbrella in the summer sun. (Credit: Wikipedia)

Umbrellas aren’t just for rain – they can actually provide as much sun protection as your sun screen. If you can find an affordable umbrella with a UV lining included, you’ll have even more protection. And while you can use any old umbrella you already have, try some of the ideas on this pages to spice them up or make a special one from scratch.

Umbrella Upgrades:

Feeling ambitious (or just want an umbrella to match your favorite outfit)? Try grabbing an old umbrella and recovering it with brand new fabric. Black, tightly woven and heavier fabrics have the most sun protection, but according to Wikipedia, you do have other options. Hexotica has a nice step-by-step tutorial in recovering your old umbrella frame and so does Threads Magazine, but a google search will turn up more videos and tutorials to get you rolling.

Summer Essential #2 : Sun Hat

Sun hat

Sun hat (Photo credit: icyjumbo)

Sprucing up a summer hat can be easy, quick and liven up your wardrobe. Ribbons, feathers and silk flowers are good options, but the only limit is your imagination (and what you can safely carry on your head). Feeling extra-crafty? Follow either of these tutorials and make one from scratch – Martha Stewart or Dulce Taylor. And while “summer” is ubiquitous with the big, floppy-brimmed hats, there are tons of other styles to suit any taste (Village Hat Shop has a great list, as does Wikipedia) – as long the hat provides suitable shade and maybe some ventilation for your head (you do release a lot of body heat through there, you know), then you can have a blast creating a whole range of fun, protective head gear for the hot months.

What are your lupus summer essentials?

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