Be part of a lupus book!

Writing is My Hobby

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Yes, the title is right. Your humble lupus-blogging webmistress is writing her first ebook. It’s going to be a short beginners guide to lupus for the newly diagnosed, containing basic facts and figures, definitions, pointers and some of the most popular posts from Life Despite Lupus, all in one spot.

I’d love to include quotes from other lupus patients and that’s where you wonderful readers come in. Comment below, or better yet, send me a message answering one or more of the questions below. If your quote is selected to be included, you’ll get a free copy of the ebook when it comes out, as well as a chance to share your experiences with fellow lupus patients.


  1. What do you wish you had been told about lupus when you were first diagnosed?
  2. In a few sentences, how would you describe day-to-day living with lupus to someone who doesn’t know anything about what lupus is like?
  3. What topics would you like to see in a beginner lupus book?
  4. Have you bought other books about lupus in the past? What did you like most/ like least about them?

Please include your name (or whatever name you’d like attributed in the book), your email address, your location, and a blog if you have one (the blog will not be linked in the book – but I’d love to drop by and get to know you).

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