Lupus News Roundup – September

Every month(ish) I post links to interesting lupus-related news and events from around the web. Have a news item or event that you’d like featured? Don’t keep it to yourself – send me the link!

Depression rates in youngsters with lupus match national averageClinical Psychiatry News

New research offers insight on why sunlight can trigger lupus symptomsMedical

Gene variation linked to kidney involvement in lupus

RedHill Biopharma announces good results with new lupus drugWall Street Journal

Rigel drops RA drug development, focuses on discoid lupus

Your trial drug not approved? This may be whyDaily

Women with lupus more likely to have poor sleep

And for those of you in the New York City area, a special announcement courtesy of our friends at the Hospital for Special Surgery

Patients Inspire Doctors, Enable Medical Advances at Hospital for Special Surgery

“Honoring Lupus Heroes” event will recognize patients’ remarkable contributions to lupus research and care on September 24

New York, Sept. 18, 2013— As part of Hospital for Special Surgery’s 150th anniversary celebration, the Division of Rheumatology will honor the thousands of lupus patients who have inspired each member of the healthcare team.  “Honoring Lupus Heroes,” will celebrate patients’ wisdom, generosity and invaluable contributions to lupus research and care on Tuesday, September 24, from 5 PM to 7:30 PM.  The event will take place in the Richard L. Menschel Education Center on the second floor of the hospital’s main building in New York City.

 “Our patients are the unsung heroes who have helped transform lupus care,” said Dr. Jane E. Salmon, Director of the Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome Center of Excellence at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). “They donate blood and tissue samples for research, take investigational drugs in clinical trials, provide personal insights to improve how we care for them and for others. They are philanthropic and volunteer as peer counselors. They sacrifice time, energy, personal resources and their own privacy to advance science and clinical care.”

An auto-immune disease that can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, heart and other organs, lupus affects 600,000 people in the United States. HSS is internationally known for research into the disease and treats one of the world’s largest populations of lupus patients.

At the event, Dr. Lockshin will present a historical timeline of lupus and HSS, including important milestones representing significant breakthroughs in research and treatment. Several lupus patients and their family members will reflect on their experiences at Hospital for Special Surgery and how they were inspired to make a difference in the lives of other patients. In addition, HSS team members – including physicians, nurses, social workers and others – will pay tribute to specific “Lupus Heroes.”

At the conclusion of the event, HSS physician-in-chief Dr. Peggy Crow will unveil a plaque honoring these heroic pioneers and all of the HSS patients who continue to help advance the field.

If you’re not in the NYC area, the folks at the HSS are also hosting an open Lupus Chat via their Facebook page on November 6th – any and all lupus-related questions are welcome!

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