Hiatus and Guest Posts Wanted

Life Despite Lupus will be taking a hiatus while I’m scrambling around doing the testing and making arrangements for a potential kidney transplant and/or dialysis. I’ll still be posting any note-worthy events and the news round-ups, but will be turning over general blog posts to guest posters.

The Rules:

  • All guest posts must be the property of their writers
  • Re-posts allowed, but preference goes to original, previously unpublished content
  • Topics are open to all lupus-related content or articles about coping with lupus and lupus symptoms
  • No word length requirement
  • Posts may be edited for spelling, grammar and/or content. If your piece is edited, you will be notified
  • Guest posts are allowed one link per piece, to be included in their bio – any other links will be removed from the piece
  • Guest post approval/publication is at sole discretion of me  – approved guest posters will be notified when their post goes live
  • No inflammatory, racist or any other kind of objectionable posts allowed

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post or have further questions, feel free to drop me a line. Include a short (3-4 sentence) bio with any submissions.

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