Guest Post: How Mental and Emotional Health Affect Lupus

Happy Smiley Face from Urine SamplesMore Than Just Physical: How Mental and Emotional Health Affect Lupus

Anyone who has lupus understands that this disease impacts more than a person’s physical wellness. It can also negatively impact a person’s mental and emotional wellness. It can be very easy for a person with this condition to give into the fatigue and depression that this disease brings with it. However, doctors agree that people who want to adjust, if not overcome, this lupus diagnoses should remember that their mental and emotional state can play a major role in keeping their condition in remission.

Get Out of Bed and Greet Each Day

Even if a person is at his or her lowest, it is important for that person to get out of bed each morning and try to stick to a normal routine. The fatigue, pain, and stiffness brought on by lupus understandably make it very difficult for a person to get up each morning. However, that individual can positively impact his or her own health by trying to adhere to a normal routine each day. Living life as normal can help that person remember important daily commitments and his or her role in the household.

Anticipate Remission

Dealing with lupus can feel like running a long marathon with no end in sight. However, at some point, most patients do end up in remission. It is important for patients to take their medications, follow their medical team’s advice, and look forward to the day that they are given the news that their lupus is in remission. Anticipating this day can help people live each day, boost their mental and emotional health, and keep them committed to their medical treatments.

Rely on a Lifecoach for Support

Along with doctors, loved ones, and friends, lupus patients can stay mentally focused and emotionally healthy by relying on a lifecoach. A life coach will not seek to sugarcoat someone’s diagnosis. Rather, that individual can help that patient find new and practical ways for him or her to live with this condition. Doctors may be set in their ways when it comes to what recommendations they give to patients. Likewise, beloved family members may try to dismiss the challenge that their relative must overcome each day with this condition. Life coaching can provide the direction and objectivity a lupus patient needs to live with this condition successfully.

Enjoy Distractions when Possible

Many patients who are living with lupus may feel like hiding at home, particularly if they cannot work and live their former routines well. However, when they are physically up to it, they can boost their mental and emotional wellness by enjoying distractions outside the house. Taking a trip to the zoo, going to the movies, or engaging in other relatively low-key activities that do not put too much strain on people’s bodies can be a great way for people to clear their minds and keep their emotions in check while they wait for their lupus to go into remission.

A person’s emotional and mental wellness factor into how well they overcome the diagnosis of lupus. Finding ways to live with it and learning how to keep their emotions and mental outlook stable can help them progress toward a diagnosis of lupus remission.

 Melanie Fleury was diagnosed with lupus over a year ago. While she has several episodes, or flare ups, in general she has remained healthy. She has found that tracking symptoms as well as balancing her work and home life were very important factors in keeping her healthy. Finding someone who offers life coaching  can help you to find a way to stay emotionally healthy so that you can stay physically healthy and keep your lupus from taking over your life.

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