Help Redesign Life Despite Lupus!

Boss as artist illustrationWow, when I first started Adventures In Living (later to grow into Life Despite Lupus), having something like an email list would have never occurred to me. People, read my stuff? Go figure. Yet here I am, still blogging strong – and it’s all thanks to you! So, first of all, I want to send you a big, hearty “thanks” for subscribing and sticking around all this time.Now, I don’t want to monopolize your time, but I’d love to reach out and get your thoughts on a few new ways to keep Life Despite Lupus fresh, fun and, most of all, useful. I thought I’d start with a bit of a paint job on the site layout. You should find a link to a poll with a few rough thumbnails displaying some alternate layouts. If you could take a few seconds to look them over and cast your vote for the layout that looks most appealing to you (or send in your own suggestions!), I’d really appreciate it.

If you can spare a few more seconds after the poll, I’d also love to hear any other suggestions for making the site better. Is it hard to find interesting posts? Are there some lupus or health-related topics that you’re dying to read, or read more of? Maybe it’s time to start exploring new territory altogether. What do you think?

There should be space for comments within the poll (let me know if there isn’t!), so you can leave feedback there, or drop me a line on the Contact page on the blog or email me directly at .

Thanks again for reading and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading Life Despite Lupus, until lupus itself goes the way of disco and the dodo.

Your friendly neighborhood medical basketcase,


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