Lupus News Roundup – November Edition

Every month-ish, I  like to present interesting and/or useful lupus information gleaned from the internet. If you’ve got a great news item for your fellow lupies, don’t keep it to yourself – send me the link and you might see it in next month’s roundup!

Medicaid patients less likely to take medications as prescribedUS

Moms with Lupus May Have Higher Risk of Birthing Autistic Children – US

Study Pinpoints Pregnancy Red Flag in Lupus Women – Medical Xpress

Australians set new definition of low lupus activity – Rheumatology

“Lupus headaches” may have nothing to do with lupus – Healthline

New “nontoxic” therapies in development for lupus patients –

Lupus drug sales expected to hit 4 Billion by 2022 – PharmaTimes

Other news and reminders:

Life Despite Lupus is getting some freshening up! Cast your vote here to help pick out a new look!

The Lupus Research Institute is hosting a free webinar series on advocacy and access to care.

From their page: This webinar, the first of a three-part series, will cover advocacy basics such as how Congress works, how a bill becomes a law, the budget and appropriations process, and how to work with members of Congress. The information presented in this webinar will help you on the way to becoming an effective advocate and will let you know how you can work with the LRI and National Coalition members to strengthen the voice of people with lupus.

Don’t miss it! Get more information and register over on the Lupus Research Institute website.

In the NYC area? Tickets are still available for the Life Without Lupus Gala on November 25! at the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street.

Also, the SLE Lupus Foundation is hosting a talk on Depression and Lupus-related memory problems in December. Read the flyer and register here!

And, if you remember my mentioning the first scientific lupus conference geared for patients? The videos are now online if you missed it or want to recap some of the amazing new discoveries on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled – you might see me in the audience. 😉

And lastly, the fantastically dedicated people at the LupusNow Magazine need your input! Chime in on vision loss, better bone health and your favorite tech tools. It’s their 10 year anniversary – show them some love!

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