Lupus Quick Tip : Don’t Bet on BMI

Revealed: Top 7 Weight Loss Secrets For Women Guaranteed To Help You Drop Pounds (And Keep Them Off!)BMI or Body Mass Index is currently the go-to measurement for people wanting to lose weight. It works pretty simply, using only your height and weight to calculate your measure of fatness. Unfortunately, its accuracy is controversial since it doesn’t account for high muscle mass (muscle being much heavier than fat) – and in my case, doesn’t account for the 20 lbs. of fluid weight I’ve recently lost through dialysis.

When you have a chronic illness, it’s a better bet to skip generalized measuring systems like BMI. They can be too vague at best and just plain wrong at worst, leaving you to start a weight loss plan (or any other type of plan) with a foundation of bad information. There are other, more accurate ways to measure body fat.

One thought on “Lupus Quick Tip : Don’t Bet on BMI

  1. From my own research, I would say that living with a chronic illness means that you through a lot of conventional out the window. Generalized methods of weight management, dieting, exercise, or even living aren’t really going to work anymore. I’m glad you pointed out BMI here, because it’s not something I would have thought of. However, the same would go when starting on a new diet too. You can’t go with the general recommendations because it’ll start you out on a foundation of irrelevant information as well.

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