Guest Post : Caring For Your Child During a Chronic Illness Flare Up

Feeling sick

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Individuals who struggle with the challenges of a chronic illness have a lot to deal with. In addition to the constant flare ups and daily strife, you may also have to care for the health and wellness of your child. However, you can ensure their safety and entertainment with the following tips.
Infant Play Yard

An infant play yard is a safe and controlled environment where your child can learn to play independently. If you’re experiencing any pain and discomfort associated with your illness, a play yard will allow you the freedom to rest and still keep an eye on your infant. They are also easy to transport from room to room, so you can take it from the bedroom to the den with little effort. Placing a few of their favorite toys inside the play yard can keep your child entertained and happy while you rest.

Learn to Live in Balance

If you’re trying to balance career, taking care of your child and managing a chronic illness, you may be riddled with stress and anxiety. While you may dwell on questions of why this is happening to you and what to do if your illness gets worse, you have to harness the negative energy and learn how to juggle exercise, taking time to rest and spending time with your child. When you focus on doing things that are good for you, you’ll be rewarded with the ability to maintain a positive outlook.

Find A “Village”

Friends, family co-workers and volunteers from church can all prove helpful when you need to seek relief, especially when you’re crippled with chronic pain. While they’re feeding, changing and watching over your sleeping infant, you’re free to concentrate on the healing process. You can also find relief from others who are going through similar circumstances. They may have advice and tips on how to balance everything while keeping your pain at bay.

Toys and Gadgets

There are a number of toys and infant gadgets on the market today that can help a child grow and develop. In addition to the learning process, the items will keep your child engaged and entertained, so you can take care of the things you need to do to treat your condition. Baby rockers are equipped with bright lights, melodies, sounds and toys that can engage and delight your infant. They also provide gentle motions that can soothe the most finicky of moods. Infant activity mats are another important accessory that can keep a child busy. They also allow your baby the chance to play in a clean and safe environment, while challenging their cognitive skills. If you’re looking to keep your infant comfortable and close, you may find the infant sling of value. The baby slings allow you a bit of independence and freedom, while you tackle chores or rest.

Pain and fatigue can often prove a struggle to those who are faced with chronic pain. Unfortunately, it can be extremely exhausting chasing after infants and toddlers. Refocusing your efforts and energy with the above tips can help you take charge of your life and keep your little ones happy and entertained.

Lisa Becker is a professional writer and blogger who writes on a variety of topics that inspire her as she navigates the roles of career professional, wife, mother, and friend. This article is dedicated to a new friend who’s motivation to live life to the fullest and be the best mother she can be despite her chronic disease has been an inspiration to her “village.” In her research of well-made baby equipment, Lisa found the Sahara burst play yard with dream centre by Ingenuity sold at Target to be a good solution for her friend who needed a safe and happy place for her baby.

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