Lupie Quick Tip – Easiest Summer Snack Ever


Photo credit: marinate_me_baby via Flickr

Probably the best trick I’ve learning during my stint on dialysis was freezing fruit as a refreshing snack. Now I know I’ve talked about the wonders of frozen food before, but this is a great way to start getting into frozen food with little to no time or effort.

Step 1. Buy grapes. Grapes are perfect for this, but I’ve also frozen tangerine slices and pineapple chunks. I prefer red grapes since they’re sweeter, but go for what makes your tummy happy.

Step 2. Wash ’em and dry ’em. Dry them well so ice crystals won’t form.

Step 3. Stick ’em in the freezer. If you have freezer-friendly bowl, use that. I use old plastic take-out containers.

Step 4. When frozen, eat.

Grapes still retain their juiciness after freezing, so you get a burst of sweet, slushy goodness that’s healthy, refreshing and totally delicious. Seriously, eaten this way I’ve gone through 2lb bags in two days. I think I’ll survive the summer as long as my freezer is full of frozen snacks like this. Another great option? Frozen cherries. Yum.

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