Review : Joy Mangano Better Beauty Cases

Full disclosure statement : I was not asked to give a review on this product, nor was I provided this product from any company. Yep, I shelled out my own dough and got nothing in return…except the stuff I paid for of course.

I go to the hospital – a lot. Before 2013, I average about 2 trips to the Emergency Room a year. And once the nurses got a gander at my blood levels and vitals, I was kept for at least one night. I’m talking every single time I go the Emergency Room, they don’t let me out again. Necessary, but far from fun. From October 2013 to now, I’ve had 6 hospitalizations, all including stays of 3 days or more (my new record is a whopping 12 days). So, when the holidays rolled around, I decided to treat myself to an upgrade in my hospital stay gear. One of the items I got were these beauty cases from a chick my mom watches on television, Joy Mangano. Both my mom and I are fans of her hangers (she is apparently the one who birthed the whole flocked hanger craze) and when my mom saw these cases, she pointed them out to me. I bought a set and love them.


Inside my hospital case.

The cases are a pretty simple, straightforward idea – four compartments attached to a shell that rolls up and closes. Handles are attached so you can carry it around. While it sounds simple, the design is actually well thought out and insanely useful. Each compartment is triangular, which not only allows it to close up into a neat square shape, but also lets you stuff it full of more stuff than it looks like it can hold. I use a “medium” one as my hospital comfort kit and, as you can see, I fit a decent amount in there. I bought the 3-pack with bonuses, which you can check out for yourself on the website. I use two of them just for health/medical stuff and the third for the pile of makeup I almost never use. The jumbo one holds all my home care stuff: bandages, thermometers, dropper, antibacterial cream, tiger balm, etc. The smallest one holds all my comfort items for a hospital stay. Even though it’s pretty small (I want to keep it portable), it still holds a ton of stuff. Just a few items in there include shower cap, travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, several bottles of lotion, tea accessories (mint tea for my stomach is a must), comb, wash cloths and even a few packets of aspirin just in case.


At 8″, the smallest case fits great into a tote bag, overnight bag or a duffel. Perfect for hospital stays!

The cases are made from durable materials and plastic and easy to care for. The bottoms of each compartment are lightly padded to protect your stuff and the handles make them easy to cart around. Though they’re marketed as beauty cases, you can put anything in them. The “medium” (really, it’s a small) is a great size for emergency or short-term travel. At just 8″ long, you can put it in a big tote bag, a duffel or small suitcase and still fit your clothes. The bigger sizes are a great way to corral and organize items you want to keep in one easy-to-find place. One of Joy’s biggest draws is her attention to color – she offers a variety of colors and patterns, purposefully trying to make her products as visually attractive as possible so you can keep the cases out on a shelf or tabletop if you like.

If you’re interested (or want to check out Joy’s hangers), has all her stuff discounted at the moment. The set I have is on this page, while you can check out all Joy’s stuff here. If already have some of Joy’s stuff or decide to get a set of your own cases, let me know what you think!

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