Beating the Heat – Link Roundup

M. Dolly & El Capitan Mountain

Don’t let the heat keep you down! Photo credits mechanoid_dolly via Flickr

Few things zap my energy (and motivation to blog) like stuffy, hot days. The combination of hot temps and water-swollen air are enough to knock even the healthiest of people flat on their backs, but when you have lupus, summer can be downright dangerous. With all the aches and pains a lupus patient can already be bombarded with on a daily basis, extra warning signs for things like heat exhaustion, can be easily lost in the mix and go unnoticed, while the blazing sun can cause flares or make them worse. On top of all that, your immunosuppressant medication can make you more vulnerable to developing skin cancer (one of the wonderful tidbits I learned after my transplant). The Skin Cancer foundation lists the conditions at risk and also their recommendations on how to protect yourself.

But none of that means you have to spend your summers in an underground cave (unless, you know, it has cable and internet). I’ve found some tips, tricks and products to beat the summer heat. If you have some tips of your own to share, I’d love to read them in the comments.

Can’t afford an air conditioner? Make your own for $20 (And if you’re thinking “No way will that work” the good folks at The Blaze have already road-tested it for you. Read their results here.)

Love the beach or pool? Bring your own cabana Or try these other sun shade options – Sport-BrellaKelsyus, or Skincom.

Don’t throw away your summer tank tops. Instead try SunnySleevez.

Look like a bank robber wearing a sun scarf!

Pick up a pair of roll-up sunglasses (you can even get them printed with a design)

And some suggestions from the Life Despite Lupus archives:

Freeze grapes or cherries for refreshing and healthy snack.

Does your summer gear feel as heavy as a winter coat? Make it fun with some DIY style.

What other stay-cool tips do you have?

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