Lupus Quick Tip : Having Hard time cutting back on meat? Try this


Image by dinnerseries via Flickr

One of the more popular pieces of diet advice floating about today (especially for lupus patients and others with auto-immune problems) is to obliterate meat from all your meals. The idea is that red meats in general and processed meats in particular are big contributors to inflammation. Now this is a quick tip, so I won’t go into the whys. If you love meats of all stripes as I do, but want to cut back on how much you consume, I’ve found this helpful. Stop thinking of meat as a main ingredient to your meals and instead start treating it like a garnish.

Instead of having a huge lump of meat for your meal, next time around try scattering a little meat as a flavor boost to something else. Having a sub? You might be surprised at how little meat you can away with while keeping the flavor. Shredding the meat is another great way to get away with less bulk. And of course, homemade crumbled bacon.

Do you have any tips to have your meat and eat it too?

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