Lupus News Roundup – Dec. 2014/ Jan. 2015

The news scene was a little light for me the past two months (or maybe my Google news alerts need tweaking), so in addition to the news items I was able to dig up, I also wanted to include a great list I’ve slowing been gathering (more details after the news).

Biomarkers could make flare prediction possibleSLE Lupus Foundation

Hate Plaquenil? Think again; it can cut your diabetes riskMedPageToday

On meds but still in pain? It’s more common than you thinkMedPageToday

Asians and Hispanics shown to survive longer with lupusScience Daily

While Life Despite Lupus grew out a personal blog, it also grew out a frustration I had with many of the support groups and resources I had found online. Yes, lupus is hard. It’s incredibly hard. It’s an illness that chips at your life from all angles: the daily pain and uncertainty, the depression from being dependent and the loss of family and friends and work that often gives life purpose, direction and a sense of usefulness. However, I’ve had to severely limit my exposure to other lupus support groups or blogs because when one’s person story of pain and hopelessness and despair is magnified into a forum of hundreds….well, I find that reading post after post of “woe is me” stories does not help me continue in my own struggle. Venting can be therapeutic, as can commiserating with others in as much pain as you, but that just never appealed to me. Since, at the time, that was mostly what was out there, I wanted to offer something different – if not upbeat, then at least, practical, and empowering.

Now to the point…happily, there are more and more websites out there with the same aim to encourage and support others with chronic illness. I’ll eventually move these links to the main link pages, but if you haven’t check out these websites, definitely pay them a visit (tell ’em Ro sent ya!). This by no means a complete list…isn’t that great?

(Mini disclaimer – None of these websites asked to be or offered me anything to list them on my site. I’m just not that cool.)

Chronic Babe – Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like a super hero name? Well this chick is pretty super; she does motivational speaking, copywriting and social media consulting (maybe I should ask her for career advice) as well run her blog and forum. She’s on just about every major social media outlet known to man too. If that ain’t super, I don’t know what is.

The Pillow Fort – Based in the UK and geared toward the younger set (I’m kissing 33 now, which I guess makes me too old), PF runs a blog as well as a digital magazine. It’s shop sells, among other things, oracle card readings and illustrated “spoon” t-shirts and jewelry. In the Pillow Fort there’s only rule: “positivity only!”

That Hummingbird Life – This site tackles one major theme that we all tend to overlook – self-care. We get so caught up in the “shoulds” of life, that we burn out and crash without doing any of the things we want to do. Though not specifically geared toward any chronic illness, it’s a great site to read for all of us with limited energy (and greater need for self-care.)

Pulp Nature – Though this site’s already in my link section, it easily earns a place here. A multi-contributor outfit, Pulp Nature works like a news site for the less-than-healthy. It covers news, relationships, food, exercise and more.

Learn the “Secrets of Lupus” with Dr. Donald Thomas and the Molly Fund website. Dr. Thomas, writer of the totally epic Lupus Encyclopedia, lists 28 “secrets” from his years of lupus expertise.

Let here it! What are your most inspiring, empowering and upbeat websites? Tell us why you love them in the comments!


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