Call for Guest Posts!

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Photo credit: itsmeritesh via Flickr

Hi all! I’ll be the first to admit that I get a little Mama Bear-ish about this site, trying to do everything all by myself. But I’m opening up the submission box once again to ask for your lupus-related guest posts. All the information is below, please read everything carefully before you submit. I’m looking forward to reading your stuff!

What I’m looking for:

  • Articles about coping and living with lupus. I will extend this to other chronic illness if the topic is also of interest to lupus patients as well.
  • Any length accepted
  • No poetry, fiction or personal essays (if it sounds like a page from your diary, it’s a personal essay, if it relates to a larger issue, and contains other viewpoints, send it in)
  • Stuff I love: interviews with kick-ass lupus heroes, hacks, tips and tricks (think those buzzfeed lists), tutorials, and articles about men’s lupus issues and lupus issues with children, holiday themes

What you do:

  • Read everything on this page. Have questions? Write me.
  • Want to submit something? Shoot it on over. Just have an idea? Shoot that over. Have 20 ideas? Fabulous! Send me a few and we’ll talk.
  • Please include a short bio (3-5 sentences) and a photo of yourself (optional, but preferred).
  • Also include at least 1 photo to go with your post. The photo MUST have a creative commons license that allows it to be used online. Don’t know what creative commons is? Here’s a primer.

The rules:

  • All content must be your original work. I don’t mind if it’s been posted on other websites, as long as you have the rights to it.
  • Article format – sorry, no poems, no personal essays.
  • Articles must be suitable for most ages. But hey, if you have a great post about sex and lupus, I will consider it.
  • No posts promoting/ selling herbs, supplements, vitamins or any products. If you’d like to write a review about a product, please contact me first.
  • No affiliate links – I’ve had too many requests to remove these links after they’ve been posted. Writers are allowed one link to a personal website in their bio and one supporting link in their post. I will check the link and may strike it at my choosing.
  • You keep the rights to your submission.
  • I, as almighty webmistress, retain the right to reject submissions (meaning that just because you submitted something does not mean I will publish it). If I choose not to use your article I’ll let you know.
  • I may edit posts for readability, grammar, links or whatever. I will let writers know if I plan to edit and they are totally free to withdraw their submission if they don’t like my edits.
  • No whining if I choose not to use your piece  or edit what you’ve written.

Final notice – While I highly support paying writers for their work (hell, I’m a writer myself), this is a non-profit blog supported entirely by my personal finances. In short, I have no cash to pay for posts. If that’s a problem, you are in no way obligated to send me anything. By submitting a piece to me, you are saying that I am allowed to publish said piece without pay. If you’re cool with that, then drop me a line.

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