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Would you like someone to write fun, and informative blog posts for your readers?

What I Do:
I’m passionate about health, self-improvement and travel but have also created promotional brochures and marketing copy for businesses. I specialize in writing about health from a consumer advocate perspective, disability issues, budget and DIY topics of all kinds and personal development and motivation. I also pen topics regarding the wild, wild world of self-employment.

I have written for The Lupus Magazine and am currently writing for She’s Self-Employed and Moxy Magazine (click on a link to read my articles).

Would You Like Me to Write for You?
Whether you’d like a fresh voice on your blog, magazine or website or need someone to hold the reins while you take a break, I’d be happy to help out. Feel free to drop me a line on my Contact page, or skip all that and just email me. Let me know who you are, what website you represent and what you need.

You can also find out about other services I offer on my freelance website, The Writerly Edge.