Non-lupus related links

Below is a collection of links that have nothing to do with lupus and everything to do with life and living it better.

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Health and Fitness
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Health and Fitness Motivation

Nerd Fitness If you ever got into the argument of Star Trek vs Star Wars or know what RPG stands for, this site is a must-read. The mastermind of NF, Steve, sums up his mission as so: ” I help desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.” The site leans heavily toward bodyweight exercises and a “functional fitness” philosophy while using movie, video game and pop culture references to rev you up and keep you motivated. My favorite article so far? How to Become a Comic Book Hero.

Spark People – Probably one of the most complete nutrition and exercise websites in existence. Free to join and use, Spark People has a food tracker, personal blog, exercise tracker, tons of recipes and will even create meal plans and exercise routines for you. An additional plus? They have resource sections for people with Diabetes, Heart Disease and a few other major illnesses and you can configure the plans to exclude meat as well. Spark People uses a point and reward system to keep you going, awarding points and badges for every step you take on the site to build a better you.

Fitocracy – A newer player on the scene, it does a few of the same functions as Spark People, but mainly focuses on exercise tracking. They also use a point system, where points are awarded for the exercises you log. It’s also free (I believe it’s currently in beta) and has a free app to log exercise remotely. It’s a bit more user-friendly than Spark People, with a cleaner interface.

The Nutrition Diva – These podcasts average 6 minutes and cover every nutrition question you could think of – and a bunch you can’t. From dieting fads to whether that new superfood is all hype, the Nutrition Diva’s got you covered. Highly recommended!

Life Hacks – Learn to do anything better

Lifehacker – One of the premier life hacking sites on the web. This amazing resource can help you do just about everything a little better, a little faster and little easier. Check out their food hacks to cut down on the time and hassle of cooking and storing healthy meals, while their productivity hacks can help cut down on excess stress on the job. – In the same vein as Lifehacker, but I’ve noticed that they tend to focus more on emotional/social tips where lifehacker deals mainly with phyisical projects. Both have great technology sections though.


The Art of Non-Comformity – Check out Chris Guillebeau’s post on conducting your own annual review to get an idea of where to start revamping your life.

Prolific Living

Live Your Legend – Scott Dinsmore offers up a neat little package of freebies on his website to whet your chaos-causing appetite. And I’m a sucker for a freebie. 😉

A Life on Your Terms

Other Great Blogs

TribalWriter/ – A YA writer and creative badass, Justine’s blog is a great read. She delves deeply into issues of conformity, and identity. With chronic illnesses and especially invisible illnesses, it’s easy to slide into identifying too much with lupus and not nearly enough with all the other awesome aspects of your lovely self.

Click to visit the Pulp Nature website

Click to visit the Pulp Nature website

Pulp Nature – Founded by Jessica and Kya, Pulp Nature is a lifestyle blog with a mission statement near and dear to my own heart – proving that life with any kind of chronic illness doesn’t have to be any bit less of a great one. PN covers a broad range of autoimmune diseases as well as fashion, relationships, and travel.

Paging Dr. Nerdlove –  Though mostly geared for guys (seriously, where are the fun/goofy/nerdy life improvement sites for ladies by ladies?? Did I get crazy pills instead of prenisone this month?), there’s a lot of great advice on just improving your life in general. And the humor will keep you chuckling loud enough to probably endanger your job. Definitely check out this article if you’re feeling as if your lupus is living your life for you: Building an Attractive Lifestyle.

Disclaimer: None of the blogs listed  have requested, paid or in any way did anything to wind up on this page. ….But I wouldn’t be opposed to it. 😉