Life Despite Lupus – About this Site

Lupus patients are living longer than ever now thanks to new medicines and research. Photo courtesy of kelsey_lovefusionphoto via Flickr Creative Commons

Life Despite Lupus originally started as a personal blog called Adventures In Living, where I wrote about the tips and tricks I used to cope with my health issues as well as the trials and tribulations that come with having a chronic disease. While support groups have their place, the few I tried seemed more a way for people to commiserate over their pain rather than rally together to overcome it. So I created my first blog as a way to not only motivate myself to continually find ways to better my health, but to encourage others to try doing the same. Life Despite Lupus is the latest incarnation of that desire; a place to share tips on making everyday chores easier, tricks for de-stressing and pointers on forging your own path and creating the life that suits your indivdual needs.

It’s easy to feel helpless, alone, rejected and overwhelmed by chronic illness. It’s easy to feel that you’ll never be able to enjoy the simple things that everyone else can. It’s easy to feel like all your dreams are dust. Let me be the first to tell you – that’s not true.

Yes, adjusting will be hard, and yes, there will sacrifice and change, but the truth that I’ve found is a very simple one – you can have a happy, fun, fulfilling life without sacrificing your health. While you might lose things, at the same time you are making space for new experiences and new opportunities. In the end, you can have a life – despite lupus, despite anything.

I’ve recently boiled down a bit of this philosophy into a mini manifesto that is free for all to download. Consider it an intro to the ideas behind this website.

Standard Please-Don’t-Sue-Me Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional and this website should in no way take the place of medical advice from someone who’s taken classes beyond Biology for Dummies. What I am is a chronic patient who’s been through everything from Brain MRI’s to kidney biopsy’s to intravenous chemotherapy. All advice given within should be taken with a small Siberian salt mine. At all times, exercise common sense – do your own research on health suggestions and speak to a doctor (or thirty).

Blog Rules and Etiquette: My blog is not a democracy – if I feel a comment is unforgivably rude, only created to sell products, or promoting other bad-mannered types of behavior, it gets deleted. I don’t care if you wrote it while you were upset. I don’t care what point you think you were making. If you feel a comment was deleted in grievous error, re-think how you phrased it and post again. Comments with two or more links automatically get marked as ‘spam’, so keep that in mind.

I will freely and happily disclose any links, resources or products that I have been paid to review or include (hey, a girl’s got to eat). However, a paid link/product review/etc. does NOT obligate me to shower you with flowers and compliments.

All posts are the sole property of the author (either myself or one of my guest bloggers). Feel free to link to a post on your own site, but no copying, no changing the title and pretending you wrote it and it’s considered polite to let me know where you posted a link.

Just don’t be an ass and we’ll all get along fine.

Now that you have a good idea of what this site is all about, why don’t you check out my latest posts? You can also find more information about Lupus on the Resources page. You can also subscribe to the site and get every new post sent directly to your inbox – along with a few secret surprises.