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Lupus Information

The Lupus Foundation of America

This is probably one of the best and most well-known Lupus resources on the internet. You can buy a subscription to their publication Lupus Now or donate a subscription to someone with lupus who can’t afford one – the magazine is full of great articles about lupus treatments, facts and coping strategies. The website has personal stories from real lupus patients, a message board and information on how you can make a difference through volunteering and advocacy. They will also link you to scientific journals and other resources – if you only look at one Lupus website, let it be this one!

3/13 – Follow along the LFA’s Road to a Lupus Cure through their blog.


This website from the Department of Health and Human Services has a list of symptoms, message board and online diaries from lupus patients.

The US National Library of Medicine

This site has an interactive tutorial about Lupus. It also links to Medline Plus, where you can find information about symptoms, treatments, clinical trials and more.

Women’s Health.Gov

This site provides a handy Lupus Fact Sheet with all the basics along with a long list of links to other lupus-related publications.

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

This group focuses on the huge range of autoimmune diseases, including a large section on Lupus. They have free publications to download and print, not only for yourself, but also to help friends and family better understand what having lupus means. Consider ordering their CD (it’s free) which contains a bunch of lupus brochures. Though it’s geared toward health providers, the information can help anyone better understand how to speak to their doctors about Lupus.

SLE Lupus Foundation

Based in both New York City and LA, this site hosts fundraising events to support Lupus research and assist the many Lupus patients who have limited resources. They also provide counseling, referral services and aid in applying for disability and other government aid. I’ve gone to a lot of their New York events and have always found the volunteers there incredibly supportive and helpful. If you live in the New York City or Los Angeles area, these folks are the ones to talk to!

Lupus Research Institute

Sites like LRI are where the real fight against lupus takes place. This funding organization doesn’t just specialize in lupus research, but in novel, innovative research tackling new ideas and approaches to understanding lupus that might not get support from more conventional sources. If you want to keep up with the latest information on lupus research, this is the site to watch. If you want to take a more active role in helping science whip lupus, you can find information about clinical trials at their sister site,

National Kidney Foundation

Inflammation and damage to the kidneys is one of the most common effects of  systemic lupus – so common, in fact, that the symptom has its own name, lupus nephritis. The NKF is your go-to place for all kidney-related issues and information on keeping your kidneys as healthy as possible.

The Lupus Initiative

Created by the American College of Rheumatology, the Lupus Initiative’s goal is to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) “disparities in the delivery of health care to patients with lupus” through free, accessible education. Geared toward healthcare providers, this is the site to give your doctors if you’re feeling your health care isn’t up to snuff, or if health resources are limited in your area. The Initiative provides a virtual college course on the diagnosis and treatment of lupus through media including PowerPoint slides and video reference library – and if the medical-speak is too complex, head over to the Patient section of the site, which includes recorded lectures and videos geared to patient’s specific needs.

Lupus Science & Medicine Journal

This official journal of the Lupus Foundation of America is the first of its kind – a global medical journal open to the public. Subscribe to get email alerts on all groundbreaking lupus-related research. Free.

WebMD’s Lupus Health Center

WebMD’s section on all things lupus. Visit their Day to Night: Coping with Lupus page, fill out the questionnaire and receive a personalized action plan to take to your doctor.

Lupus Support


This is a great support resource that covers not only Lupus, but other chronic illnesses. The Spoon Theory is a must-read if you want a glimpse of what living with one of these illnesses is really like or check out the message boards. Support the site by buying something from their gift shop or read the articles.

Lupus Alliance

Another powerhouse of resources and information, the Lupus Alliance of America is a group of agencies committed to offering support and resources for lupus patients. Their website has information about government aid, clinical trials, lupus advocacy and support for caregivers as well.


Lupus Symptoms, Information, Awareness and Research. Shop for a wide variety of hard to find, unique Lupus Products & Merchandise.

This site is completely run by lupus patients and has tons of lupus resources, including a message board, articles from lupus patients and pages of links to other lupus websites and blogs. They also have a store stocked full of lupus-themed merchandise, the proceeds of which go to support lupus research and patient support. They publish a great newsletter that is chock-full of information and the website has a calendar of lupus events happening all over the US. A must- see site!

Lupus Voices

Created by the Lupus Foundation of America, you can create a public profile and become a national “voice” for lupus and help shed light on what the website describes as the “cruel mystery” of lupus.


LupusLine is a national telephone counseling service that’s just one of the lupus support programs provided through the Hospital of Special Surgery. Staffed by volunteers, each caller is screened and then paired with a peer counselor who is either a lupus veteran or family member. Visit the site for more information, and consider volunteering to help others with lupus.

Lupus Publications

Lupus Now

Published by the Lupus Foundation of America, Lupus Now is a quarterly magazine that features fun, upbeat and informational articles about all the facets of living with lupus. Subscriptions are available through the website or through your local LFA chapter. A must-read, especially for men and young children with lupus – who can often have a harder time finding information.

Other Lupus Links

Lupus Check

Through this site you can either instantly download a symptom checklist (complete with tips for discussing symptoms with your doctor) or register for a free lupus journal containing monthly calendars, journaling tips and space to jot questions for your next appointment. Be advised that the website is created and funded by GlaxoSmithKline a for-profit healthcare company.

The Us in Lupus

Another GlaxoSmithKline website, Us in Lupus offers informational videos of doctors answering some of the most common questions and concerns about lupus. They also have downloadable checklists and chock loads of inspirational stories. When you register, they will send you a welcome packet that includes Discussion Guides for you doctor, friends and family as well as periodic articles that match topics you want to keep up on.